Those who Molest,Rape Minors Should be hunged-Lawyer Kimuli



by county diary

The Country Morals is sinking down first than ever. parents are molesting their children. teachers are beating pupil to death. clinical officers are reportedly to be raping patients who are brought to them for medical attention . its sickening.

Anyone who will sexually molest a minor is an animal. We must all agree that such people need to be taken away from the society.

As a criminal law practitioner, I have had to assist traumatised families. I have seen young girls or kids completely ripped apart by some monster lawyer kimuli posted on social media.

At times, you fight tears as a doctor tells you the kind of reconstructive surgery they must undertake on a minor. Sometimes,

These animals walk free due to a combination of factors that include botched investigations, compromised witnesses and family members, corruption.

Most of the victims can’t speak for themselves. And so I never defend child molesters.

I never should employ my fine skills to get off the hook such people and to let them loose onto the next victim. But I have sadly noticed that increasingly, people are using the Sexual Offences Act to settle grudges and scores. Particularly with the alternative charge of indecent assault. Land, business and domestic grudges. These ones accused falsely I defend. Kimuli added

Kids are hard to coach and so the truth easily comes out. I always imagine that any parent or guardian who falsely accuses anyone involving their kids should be hanged .

Raped and brutalised: Doctors say the raped teen needs reconstructive surgery. Medical experts say extent of injuries are ‘shocking’. Family needs financial assistant to cater for surgery. The 13 year-old was raped and her private parts were slashed. #NTVTonight