Musangi Speaks Against Fake blogs in circulation



27th Feb 2019

By Musangi

The musangis of kitui are fully in support of the government of the day led by her The Governor charity Ngilu despite negative energy from paid blogs in the country.

A nondescript, gutter press, gossip blog written and forwarded around whatsapp groups by characters whose bitterness, hate and disdain for the Governor is well known, documented and in the open.

A blog that is only visited by it’s own writers and no one else. A blog whose content is 100% insults and gossip about the governor.

A blog that pretentiously and unashamedly implies that the Governor has not done a single positive thing in this county since assuming office which clearly major BS.

Friends! “Even the devil gets an honorable mention from time to time. That’s how platforms get some credibility. As long as you keep doing the same thing over and over and hoping for different results you are clinically insane!

Friends, do you remember when content from the same blog used to form the basis of discussions for the whole day or even days here and in other groups and platforms?

Have you noticed that even the initial architect of the blog no longer shares links to the blog because of the open bias (which obviously works for the Governor) and shame it brings.

Now the architect has baited some (sadly) good brains and some obviously half wits to repeatedly share the links like mad people. Count the characters, they will number less than ten if not five.

These days no matter how many times they share a link to the blog, no body comments or even cares. You will only see the same less than a handful characters repeatedly sharing the same link over and over again, even when clearly nobody cares about it. Completely oblivious to the shame and embarrassment they keep heaping on themselves as days move by and Kitui county continues to move forward.

Haters, propaganda doesn’t work like that. You need to come for lessons. You are doing the exact opposite. You are making the Governor more popular than ever.

Tafuta wajinga ingine. Hapa ni Mbee Nzei tu!