By Paul Musyimi

(Photo file) Paul Musyimi

Kitui East Member of parliament hon Nimrod Mbai should not to try so hard every time to prove he still can’t think above the pedigree of an ordinary _cop_ As a Member of National Assembly, he of all people should know better than meddle in County Affairs.

As a mere MP, Mbai’s mandate starts and ends at representing his Constituency in Parliament and oversighting NG-CDF, which tasks Mbai has been performing dismally. Mbai has zero role and should therefore understand his roles, not his body pretending to oversight Kitui County Government.

We don’t have the time to remind Mbai every time that Kitui has elected MCAs, Senator and Women Rep in Office. Of course we know Mbai’s ability and capacity is at the MCA level, but even then he should wait till 2022 to vie for and lose as MCA if that is the job he wants to do.

Mbai is wanted for corruption in Machakos County where his previous docket has been and is still marred by massive cases of runaway graft. Needless to say, it is just a matter of time and you shall see him arraigned in court to answer to charges of stealing devolution money in Machakos County.

But even as that is pending because Mbai has so far succeeded to bribe DCI officials handling his many files, we are minded to inform Mbai that if he survived by looting in Machakos County, not everyone came to work for counties to loot like him.

Isn’t this the same Nimrod Mbai who as Chief Officer in Machakos County employed his wife Grace Mbithuka as a Procurement Officer in the same Government as well as 25 cousins? The devil is a liar!

The constitution of kenya 2010

Those who are not doing their jobs like Nimrod Mbai should not distract those who are busy doing their job like Governor Ngilu. Mbai was elected to represent his constituency in Parliament but he is yet to make a significant maiden speech 18 months later. We advise you ignore him and treat his allegations with the contempt they deserve!