The love is on the Air! Are you still waiting for the right partner?


By yoana kimwele

Are you still waiting for the perfect One? I have heard about a man who remained unmarried his whole life, and when he was dying, ninety years old, somebody asked him, “You have remained unmarried your whole life, but you have never said what the reason was. Now you are dying, at least quench our curiosity. If there is any secret, now you can tell it, because you are dying; you will be gone. Even if the secret is known, it can’t harm you.”

The man said, “Yes, there is a secret. It is not that I am against marriage, but I was searching for a perfect woman. I searched and searched, and my whole life slipped by.”

The inquirer asked, “But upon this big earth, so many millions of people, half of them women, couldn’t you find one perfect woman?”A tear rolled down from the eye of the dying man. He said, “Yes, I did find one.”

The inquirer was absolutely shocked. He said, “Then what happened? Why didn’t you get married?”

And the old man said, “But the woman was searching for a perfect husband.” You will never get the right partner, work on your Image and your interpersonal wellbeing. No one is perfect in this planet hearth,Flee from the devil and he will flee from you….

Avoid being in the confines of the your four walls in the company of your fiancee this valentine no man is strong for his woman no woman is strong for her man one thing might lead to the other.Cancel that sleepover or meeting inside the hotel room,it might be a death trap, be in charge of your life


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