Find Out Why he Married you & Master it



By County diary

Did you ever thought your man/ woman chose you because you are a woman or man first! There could have been other SECONDARY reasons but those are just ego reasons, very secondary.

The primary reason is that you are of the opposite sex and it is natural law that we be attracted biologically to the opposite sex for life to perpetuate itself.Problems arise when we bring the ego into our relationships. The thinking that we are “the chosen” or we are extraordinary.

Biology doesn’t care about your ego! Once nature fulfils its purpose through your body, it doesn’t care a bit about all that “specialness” you carry in your head. Educated, uneducated, royal, ugly, poor, rich, beautiful, big butt, 1 GB etc are all nothing to nature. Every lover sooner or later discovers they are just like everybody else, that they are nothing special.

Happy are those who discover these truths early on in life for they shall escape the suffering people go through in the illusion of being extraordinary.