Resign & Vie For MCA Seat, Kitute Tell off Hon Nimrod Mbai


You were elected to Serve at the National Assembly Not to Micro Manage The County Government ~Businessman tell off His Area Mp

Kitute Foundation Executive Director Millitonic Kimanzi Mwendwa Kitute has rubbished the calls by kitui East mp hon Nimrod Mbai to sack county officers who are said Not to be from kitui county.

Kitute was addressing Members of press in kitui Town where he called upon Hon Nimrod Mbithuka to stop micro Managing the county government of kitui and read what the county Government act says.

According to businessman “Mr Nimrod Mbai he is what he is Today because he worked in Machakos County as Chief Officer, and he should be the last person to call upon the sacking the finance Minister Ms Mary Nguli or any other officer because they doesn’t come from kitui county.

The Mp who is known by his tagline Kama mbaya Mbaya has in many occasions called for the sacking of officers who are not from kitui county, The calls which Kitute has termed Misplaced and in bad faith which Must be condemned by all.

Mr kitute has urged his area mp hon Nimrod Mbai to resign as Member of Parliament and vie as MCA for sombe mwitika ward if he want to oversight the county government of kitui .

As An Elected Member of National Assembly his responsibilities is to oversight the national Government agenda and not to the county governments.he should leave kitui county employees alone, the sentiment which were suppoted by the kitui union boss Stephen Kitheka.