Kitui Assembly MCAs Faults Senator Hon Wambua Kio




By our Reporter

Kitui County Members of assembly drawn from Narc party led by Minority leader Hon Kisangau has urged the Senator Kio wambua to avoid being cry baby on social media and face the reality head on.

The MCAs said instead of the Senator spending too much time on social platforms making funny allegations on the county Government , “That there are corruption in the executive, he should have presented the allegations to the investigative authorities if he has facts.

The Senator Kio wamba has been saying there are corrupt elements in the executive yet he has never presented any evidence to the investigative authorities.

Mr Kisangau popularly known as Mbaki Mbaki said the county government of kitui led by Charity Ngilu will not be distracted by few disgruntled individuals who are trying to derail the service delivery to the people of kitui through issuing empty threats, as our senator he has the constitutional responsibilities to visit the office of the Governor and present his evidence for action if he means well for this county Mr Kisangau said.

The MCAs were addressing Members of press at a particular hotel in kitui town on Tuesday evening, where they urged the people of kitui to ignore noise Makers and rally behind the Governor Ngilu.

Kisangau said the Narc MCAs are in consultation with their counter part in wiper to agree on good working modalities so as to have the county legislative arm and executive work in harmony.


NARC MCAs led by Minority leader Hon Kisangau during the Press conference