One Day You Will Thank Mama Ngilu For Being The Visionary


By Guest contributor (Paul Musyimi


It’s unfortunate that a few MCAs are trying to incite and distract kitui Governor in the name of politics from making the most of what Governor Ngilu’s adminstration is availing to modernise agriculture. Artificial insemination is happening everywhere even in Nandi where the county charges residents Ksh. 2,000 for it.

If you want to stay with your Katumani Cows, that is OK, but it is time our agriculture in Kitui County was modernised and I am happy that our Governor is taking things in a positive direction. We can’t postpone change in the name of political expediency to please a few semi-illiterate MCAs who can’t beyond their tummies. No way!

Which other county Government in Ukambani is giving eggs to its residents to better their poultry farming? Most of these MCA just want you to resist change and so that wananchi remain stuck in poverty and susceptible to be used and abused time and again every election year.

Change is always resisted by the simple-minded and the selfish ones. Even when America and Europe was modernizing, some political elements were busy leading wananchi to resist it. But where are they today?

Kitui County must go forward. Of course there are those who want try for Governor seat in 2022 and are afraid the strides Mama Ngilu is making are too big to catch up.

But we can’t and must not postpone what is in public interest to serve selfish personal interests. This is the kind of politics Wiper has become famous for and it’s time we rejected them in earnest.

Last year I was doing a consultancy in Nandi County and I saw their agriculture projects of insemination and poultry farming and I found myself, as a proud Kitui County, wishing and wondering how I could convince my home County to embrace these progressive approaches to value chain innovation.

But I needed not to worry because soon enough I found Mama Ngilu’s Government was going in the same direction. We must support Mama Ngilu to make some of these changes, though painful, to happen.

Of course we may not like it now or we may prefer to go back to our old ways when we were at the mercy of the weather and always leaders were winning us over with relief food. But that time is gone. It’s time to usher a New Self-reliant Kitui County which is ready to feed the rest of Kenya rather than sit and starve as we wait for relief food!