By County Diary, 6th January 2019

Leadership comes naturally. Many people mistakenly think that leaders are chosen by virtue of the projects or development they have ever initiated. No! Leadership comes as naturally as breathing itself.

Mahatma Gandhi was never famous for giving Indians any development, yet they adored him. Nelson Mandela was also adored by South Africans despite no development record after many years of incarceration in Prison. The Kenyatta’s have a very poor development record in their home area of Gatundu, where poverty levels remain very high.

On the other hand, Peter Kenneth was rated highly in terms of development but was rejected, not only by Kenyans but by his Kikuyu community. In 1997, the General Jackson Mulinge was challenged by Kathiani constituents to take away his hospitals and good roads as they went ahead to elect political neophyte Peter Kaindi. In Rarieda, development conscious Raphael Tuju has never seen the inside of Parliament ever since he fell,  out with RAO in 2007.

Development is good for the populace yes, but not necessarily good enough for political popularity. It is even worse for political wannabes when people sense any traces of hypocrisy in the so-called development offers.

Bottom line: While people may love progress, they may not necessarily love the initiators of good deeds,Thank me later