Ngilu Calls for Proper Working relationship with Administrators.



By yoana kim

15th january 2019

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has Called for proper working relationship with Administrators, from village level upward to ease the flow of government communication.

The Governor was addressing adminstrators on Tuesday at Kitui stadium where they had converged for an in-house Meeting ahead of cattle breeding synchronization program which will be launched tomorrow 16th January, in Mbitini kitui rural sub county.

Village admistrators will be working very closely with farmers to make sure the program of the cattle Insemination program is Successful.The program will be led by Ministry of agriculture officers together with county administrators , and it will be free to all kitui farmers! if any officer asks for money or kickbacks the officer will be sacked without warning once reported the governor said.

On the same note the Administrators vowed to give maximum support to the program ,she also urged them to know they are working in a political government and they should not take back seats, once they meet in rallies, since she is their governor and they should forget the past and work together..

The Governor urged them to involve themselves in county activities since Musangi will holds them to account, and the government trust on them for service delivery.