Kitui Women Fund Manager Calls For Leaders To Work Together.



By our Reporter

27th November, 2018

Kitui Women Representative Office County Manager Benedict kilonzo has called upon Kitui leaders to work together for the benefit of musangi and Nzangi.

Mr Benedict kilonzo was speaking during the burial ceremony of the late Elijah Muindi on Saturday, Mr Ben described the late Elijah Muindi as the the person who loved this county with all his might and urged leaders to emulate the fallen hero.

The youthful manager called upon elected leaders to put asunder their personal or political differences and work towards the common goals, the people of kitui are tired of endless politics Mr Benedict said.

Mr Benedict kilonzo said kitui youth are happy with the Establishment of K-CHIC & Kicotec terming the county milestones projects as the game charger for the people of kitui.

We need our leaders to allow us, to mingle with our Governor Ngilu because we elected her and she is our Mother, Benedict kilonzo “said the office of kitui women Rep led by Hon Irene kasalu is working closely with the office of Governor Ngilu for the benefit of kitui residents saying its not time for politics .

The youthful manager called upon kitui youth not to involve themselves with goonsim activities. If any matter arise there are better ways to handle any matter in a diplomatic way, bendict was referring to a recent Youth demo which was organised by some of the disgruntled youth.

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