Why Leaders Must Learn from Moi, The professor Of Kenyan Politics



Uhuru did not handle VAT Crisis well – Mutahi Ngunyi

By CD reporter September 24, 2018

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has revealed how former President Daniel Moi outsmarted President Uhuru Kenyatta in handling VAT crisis, This year during the chaotic Parliament proceedings.

Through his weekly forum, The 5th Estate, Mutahi opined that when faced with a similar situation, Moi settled on a clever and more successful approach, Where his political Son must be did not employ.

“When Mzee Moi introduced VAT in the 1990s, there were riots in parliament. However, he handled the crisis with decorum,” Mutahi stated.

Former President Daniel Moi
According to the political analyst, the retired president used seduction, religion and lies to quell the raging political temperatures,

The fellow was indeed genius “On his part, Uhuru has used clinically incompetent people to handle this situation. Clinical incompetence is a disease worse than corruption,” The most sought after prof quipped.

In his view on National Television segment , Uhuru’s approach betrays force, lies and arrogance which have set the VAT initiative for failure, prof Mutahi said.

“It doesn’t go wrong, it starts wrong. This is true in romance, war and politics. The VAT fiasco won’t go wrong, it has already started wrong.

“The VAT fiasco is a poisoned tree and the fruit of a poisoned tree is also poisoned,” Mutahi added.

The political analyst further elaborated that Uhuru used the fist, and coercion to force his way with no persuasion, charm or negotiation.

President Uhuru Kenyatta consults former President Daniel Moi
“Although he won, he lost. Persuasion would have given him more than coercion did,” he concluded.

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