Wildlife officers Hunting Down a Stray lion Terrorising Residents in Mumoni ward.




22nd Sep 2018

By the CD reporter.

& The Chief officer GK Zakayo

The County Government of Kitui through the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture in collaboration with the Kenya Wildlife Service officers are in Mumoni hills in Mwingi North Sub-County tracing a lion that has caused human –wildlife conflict.
The lion has been confirmed to have killed 8 cows, 2 donkeys, 4 goats and 1 dog. The latest case had been reported in Mukong’a area of Muumoni hills where a goat had been attacked.

The team led by the Chief Officer today re-strategized on modalities that had been previously employed unsuccessfully and the lion trap has been repositioned to a spring water point where the lion is believed to have been quenching thirst. The team comprises :-
i. MTSC (CO, DD Tourism, 2 Senior Wardens, Warden I and 6 Community
ii. KWS (Senior Warden, Vet Officer and 8 rangers)
iii. GVN Office (Mwingi North SCA, Mumoni WA, Kyuso WA and Katse VA)

The new strategy includes:-
1. Increasing lion traps – extra capture traps to be picked at Meru Park HQs at
Murera, which is approximately 180 kilometers away,
2. Use of call back system – Vocalization system that would imitate sounds of other lions to lure the lion closer for darting. The system is being transported Kambi ya Simba in Kora National Park, which is approximately 200 kilometers away and
expected to arrive late in the night 11pm.
3.Repositioning of rangers – the team has agreed that rangers be distributed to
different centers where the lion has been reported and communicate any
occurrences if any so as to prevent any destruction.
4. Mobile vet unit – the KWS unit for darting has arrived at the sight ready to
demobilize the lion if spotted,
5. Stand by Chopper – the KWS team in Nairobi is alert to aid in aerial darting/ tracing within the shortest time in case the lion is spotted.

6. Increasing the KWS rangers – the team has requested for more KWS rangers
and 10 more rangers are expected tonight.

The team will head to Mukonga an area where the lion was reported seen this evening upon the arrival of the call back system to entice the lion for darting. The team has also been reinforced with the arrival of Mr. Bakari, Senior Warden Meru Conservation area.