Story by the county diary correspondent;

One woman critically injured by bandits in kitui east

21th, sep 2018.

It was a sad morning for the people of kyamatu/voo location kyamatu location, woken up in sad news of attack of bandit,

This woman was attacked in wee hours by shifters who were armed with rungus and pangas at her home.she was cut but God rescued she is at muthungue dispensary.

The resident are calling for the intervention of the area member of Parliament hon.mbai and kitui county boss HE Hon Ngilu to rescue the people. Our women ,our mothers can’t be attacked and as youths we are powerless.

As youth leader of Kitui east I can assure you its not going to be business as usual we better die and our mothers live in peace ,somalis must go!!Kama mbaya mbaya zaidi Katunda youth leader kitui east who spoke to us confirmed.

This Morning Camel Herders attacked a Household at Imuumba in Kyamatu Location
One person is missing and a mother sustained a deep panga cut causing a fracture on her harm.

It has never happened and attacking my mother is tantamount to questioning my manhood.
Hon. Nimrod
Kama Mbaya Mbaya posted on a WhatsApp groups upon receiving the bad news.

Police are pursuing the shiftas in the area, the county diary reporters are following the developing news.keep it here