Jubilation As MULYUNGI Finally Grades Neglected Kavoko-Kalesi Road Abadoned Since Independence




MP Mulyungi Grades Roads in the coal rich Mui Basin

Since independence, over half a century later, the neglected Kavoko-Kalesi, Kalesi-Kimongo-Kalesi-Kaai, KavokoKalitini-Kimongo-Mathuki road stretch has finally seen bulldozers courtesy of MP Mulyungi.

A section of the recently graded Kavoko-Kalesi stretch road © MPPRESS/ PATRICK KIMANZI

But even as the Tsunami graders negotiates boulders, deep trenches and gullies through a state of a road, or what has become of the 57 year old road that was first opened up by the community, it does not take a rocket scientist to remind you that more than 5 MPs have come and gone.

MP Mulyungi has now come in handy to re-open, repair and grade many neglected roads in Mwingi Central Constituency.

In the last two weeks, the MP has set his eyes on the coal rich Mui Basin to the jubilation of the local leaders and community, a crystal clear message from the legislator that no one is moving an inch to pave way for the hyped coal mining in the near future.

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“It is probably the No. 1 problem the Kenyan citizens are talking about today,” says Dr. Gideon Mulyungi.

A Tsunami grader roaring as it grades the Kavoko-Kalesi,Kalesi-Kimongo-Kalesi-Kaai, Kavoko-Kalitini-Kimongo-Mathuki road© MPPRESS/KAVISILI

“Everybody agrees that we have a crisis, and it needs to be addressed,” adds the former PS.

Firing up from all cylinders this week, the Tsunami grader made forays into the coal-rich Mui Basin, grading the
neglected Kalesi-Kasovoni road stretch in the characteristic Tsunami style, leaving residents pouring accolades to the expert workmanship under it’s wake.

Yours Truly scoured internet social media platforms and gathered their sentiments verbatim.


I lack words to express my joy and gratitude to our Almighty God and your focused and energetic leadership.



GOD Bless you Hon Dr. Gideon MULYUNGI.

The photos below show the Kalitini – Kavoko – Kalesi Road Under Construction since 1963 after Kenya attained her independence till to date, no elected leader ever tried this.

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We had the likes of;Hon. Kitonga wa Muthangya
Hon. Mwikya wa Mweu
Hon. Mutinda wa Ndambuki
Hon. David wa Musila
Hon. Joe wa Mutambu (our very own).

All of them failed to notice the importance of this road, now you have done it, generations and generations will forever remember you for this.

Tsunami alias Kisithe Mweene wi mutongoi “(Anonymous)

2.Good Morning Mheshimiwa,

Kindly allow me to convey my sincere appreciation to you in regard to your kind initiative which you have taken to redeem our long days forgotten Kavoko/Kalesi road, a development project i have eagerly waited to see it fulfilled in our dispensation for now over 40years.

I lack words to express my joy and gratitude to our Almighty God and your focused and energetic leadership.Mheshimiwa, you are more than the entire five MPs all combined together, who got elected before you.

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Through your able leadership, we Kavoko, Kalesi people are now feeling like we are part of our lovely and blessed land of Kenya.

This particular road project must now go to the books of history that through the leadership of our very own son, Hon. Dr. Mulyungi MP Mwingi Central we realized the fruits of independence.

We can now stand on top of Mt. Kenya to tell our friends from other regions to come and learn what leadership is, courtesy of your great initiatives.

We will forever thank God for giving us a people centered and kind leader like you and will support your vision and your able leadership.

HONGERA HON. DR. MULYUNGI MP MWINGI CENTRAL!!!God bless you richly and open greater doors for you Sir!

From the Son of Kavoko/KalesiThe Bank Manager,
Kenya Commercial Bank
Kyuso Branch