15 Facts You should Know About Allan Sila – Incoming Kitui Senator 2022



1. Hon. Allan Sila is vying and is popularly expected to clinch the Kitui County Senatorial seat 2022.

2. He is the founder of the Joysila Foundations (2017) which is named after his young sister Joy. The foundations 50 projects impact on livelihoods of more than 2000 families in Kenya annually, according to statistics.

3. Allan Sila is a Statistician by profession. The politician holds a Masters Degree in Statistics (KU). He is a successful businessman and an international oil magnate who deals in importation of oil from abroad with branches in dozen countries including East and Central Africa.

4. Sila commits Ksh 10 millions annually to Joysila Foundation which pays fees to over 450 needy children on annual basis whilst constructing, upgrading and renovating classrooms in various schools in Kitui County annually.

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5. Allan Sila is a philanthropist with a vision for empowering women and youth in Kitui County and has helped raise millions to churches, schools including donating over 2000 goats to poverty stricken families in Kitui.

6. He has worked in the international oil management business making him an astute manager of funds with a keen eye on oversight on public limited company finances.

7. On the political front, Sila is an astute politician with key connections in the highest echelons of both County and National governments. Last month he tagged along with popular Wiper MP Mulyungi and joined in him at various fundraisers while dishing out personal bursaries in Nguni and Waita wards in Nguni Wards.


8. The Joysila Foundation key pillars include women empowerment, youth affairs, provision of education to the less fortunate and health issues.

9. The prolific and popular Kitui tycoon is aged 38.

10. He is the Managing Director at Infinity Consultancy Ltd; a Pan-African consultancy firm offering business support services in over 15 African countries.(www.infinity-consultancy.com)

11. In 2018, the JoySila Foundation President Allan Sila donated more than 40 wheelchairs to PLWD in kitui west, Mwingi North and Mwingi central. These assistive
devices for enhancing the personal mobility to people with disabilities, one of his cohorts and agenda in development.

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12. A adept motivational speaker Sila visits students of Kitui County at universities including Kenyatta University where he spends 2 hours monthly
interacting and consultating with students on
diverse topics including career advisory and social

13. Allan is an old boy of Ikanga boys Kitui South
he had passed well being in a group of students
from the same school who scored an A-minus and
he qualified to join Kenyatta University for
Bachelor’s Degree in statistics.

14. His Twitter handles are
@allansila @JSilaFoundation