16 Quick Facts You Didn’t Know About Dr. Jeff Kaluyu, The Kenyan 2022 Presidential Candidate.



  1. Dr. Jeff is a Polotical party leader- Unified Change Party (UCP) whose clarion call is We The People.
  2. The politician was born poor and spent his early childhood days helping his peasant family till the farm.
  3. Jeff Kaluyu holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance & Economics.
  4. The politician holds a Masters in Business Administration.
  5. He has a PhD Health Policy & Research.
  6. Jeff Kaluyu has been a capital markets honcho at the Wallstreet for 6 years at JP Morgan Chase.
  7. He worked as a University Dean 6 years.
  8. He is a Trained Project manager capable of public administration as a president.
  9. He hosted the famous Radio program at RADIO ONE – the program name- TRANSITION POINT was listened by millions including online streaming.
  10. Jeff Kaluyu also Hosted TV – program – VOICE OF DIASPORA – KASS TV international.
  11. He is a University professor in the U.S.
  12. Jeff Kaluyu is currently building Dr. Kaluyu library in Kitui that is set to benefit over 200,000 learner’s in the semi-arid region.
  13. He is said to be launching a Women Empowerment enter in Kitui whose mandate is empowerment of livelihoods of youth and women cohorts.
  14. He was was on the ballot for the Kenyan President 2017 back in 2022 attracting both elite and peasant voters across Kenya.
  15. He initiated his famous International Scholarship Project 2019.
  16. Last but certainly not the least, Prof Kaluyu has donated a part of his land and drilled a borehole that will save over 200 families and households from trekking over 10 kilometers to search and fetch water from the Mwilini River.

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And finally Hon. Jeff Kaluyu will run for President In Kenya in 2022.