14 Facts About The Unstoppable Kilifi South MP 2022, Hon. Peter OSTEEN



  1. Peter Osteen is the firebrand scholar- politician technocrat currently in the hearts and minds of the defranchised Kilifi South electorate who demand to represent them in the upcoming 13th Parliament.

  2. His prowess in political leadership, honed through the cut-throat University politics attest his mettle in public leadership – for one academic year Peter Osteen has been at the helm as the chairman of behemoth The Nairobi University’s UNSA.

He really demonstrated his astute leadership skills

“Sooner than later Kilifi South is gonna be turned into a small paradise on earth with my leadership”, he promised.

  1. He is the founder of the Youths Aspirants Kenya (YAK) whose main objective is to bring all the youths in the 47 counties together under one umbrella. The political social movement will shape the 2022 elections nationwide.

  2. With the harangued and politically profiled coastal youths firmly behind him.

  1. It was Peter Osteen who vehemently opposed the demolition of Mtwapa market which sustains over 12,000 families. The residents appealed to his lobbying skills when there was no one else left to fight for their rights. He urged government to help residents get an alternative place to continue with their activities.

  2. In 2019, Peter Osteen opposed the deliberate profiling and made disparaging remarks about the negligence of drug addicts in Mombasa and specifically in his Kilifi South constituency.

  3. Breaching red tape bureaucracy, Peter Osteen stood firm to oppose allegations that DOLA was was not fit for consumption and this is what he said. “Dola has been distributing Unga in the most parts of coast and there is no day Kebs reported that it is not ideal for human consumption – until now” he argued through a published opinion article.

  4. It was Hon. Peter Osteen who saved the planned conspiracy to takeover Mlaleo Primary School. Hon. Osteen condemned Mohammad Ali after he went to court ostensibly to change the name of the public school to his own name – Mohammad Ali Primary School.

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9.Never afarid of the Establishment, Peter Osteen has opposed monopolisation of SGR which has rendered youths jobless. He demands that 80% that of jobs be allocated to the defranchised and neglected coastal youths.

  1. It was Hon. Peter Osteen who openly accused security personnel of planned executions and killings of residents and University students during a past Interview in Baraka FM.

  2. Peter Osteen has been in the front line to accuse corrupt leaders in his constituency and other leaders from other constituencies. ” Any leader from this constituency who is found with corruption cases or just suspected to be corrupt should resign to give room for investigation ” he said.

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  1. Peter Osteen has opposed the formation of organizations which are not legalized, ” Most of these organizations are used to con our young people ,under my leadership all these organizations which are not authorized will never exist “. He said in one of his articles . He gave examples of such organizations and their leaders.

  2. On Youth and Talents, Peter is also a published poet being who has been supporting different groups of youths in his constituency to nature their talents, he has promised to support any one with talent, ” It’s one way of reducing poverty among our youths in this constituency” he said.

  3. Peter Osteen has opposed harassment of bodaboda riders by the police in his constituency by opposing harassment by police who insist on curtailing times when they can opertate. He has instead requested police to provide security to the riders.

  4. Last but not least, the Kilifi South electorate including youths from his constituency consider Peter OSTEEN as “People’s Jackpot” and the Promised One. Others see him as the unstoppable “Tsunami ” that must clinch the seat to save and serve them.

electorate including youths from his constituency consider Peter OSTEEN as “People’s Jackpot” and the Promised One.