Mulyungi Raise 1Million Fees For Poor Students At Ngooni, Ukasi



UKASI– Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi was in his element today when he helped raise a whopping 700K to pay fees for 100 students from poor backgrounds at Ngooni area in Ukasi, Nguni Ward.

TSUNAMI: Proflic Wiper MP Gideon Mulyungi at the Ngooni Harambee where he raised 1M to pay fees for 100 students and to complete Ngooni Primary School renovations/PHOTOS/PATRICK KIMANZI/EDITOR

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The Wiper Strongman gave a donation of 300K at the fete attended by over a thousand residents drawn from as far as Mwanzele, Kathungu, Ukasi and Iviani in Nuu Ward – ostensibly beating an earlier nondescript harambee by another Kitui politician at Myuuni who managed to raise a paltry 300K.

“During a Tsunami it does not rain…it pours” said Nguni Ward MCA Jefferson Kiruru as jubilation rent the air.

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The proflic MP gave a further 300K for completing the renovation of Ngooni Primary School.

Last year he helped renovate 4 classrooms at the school that lies in the epicenter of banditry clashes.